Tethered endoscopy (from mouth) and colonoscopy (from rectum) is a painful, unpleasant and time-consuming process used for patients with gastrointestinal diseases or disorders. Even by using these procedures, the small bowel remains inaccessible organ as it is more than eight meters long with small diameter and too many folds. Wireless capsule endoscopy (WCE) has been introduced over the last decade to resolve this issue. A pill sized robot swallowed by the patient takes images continually and send back captured images to out-body transceiver.
This concept is already commercialized by numerous companies and all of the products come with many restrictions, such as passive locomotion, communication issues, camera orientation, lack of focus, offline procedure and localization. The most significant downfall of available capsule robots is the missed application of biopsy, which is greatly needed. Why? Almost ten percent of all cancers are colorectal, which are not diagnosed until the final stages. Biopsy could play a tremendous role in observation and diagnosis at early stages and save people lives.

To overcome this issue, we are developing a product named “wireless capsule for endoscopy with live biopsy capability”.
Our product is performing in real-time mode and communicating via a smart phone application showing live images of capsule. During the endoscopy process, the internal organ specialist could trigger the biopsy needle and take a sample of tissue, carrying it out by capsule for further examination and pathology. This capsule streaming in real-time and perform real-time biopsy which has never been proposed before and it could play a phenomenal role in health care medical equipment. By using our product, everyone has the chance of annual bowel endoscopy to avoid bowel cancer and such other bowel diseases.